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Bouldin did not comment on her colleague’s strange comments or personal attacks, but stayed focused on the bill at hand when speaking to Slate.

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When students and faculty at the nine University of California campuses returned to classrooms last fall, they faced a new rule governing their interactions.

It's a rule that, for the vast majority, will have no impact on their lives, and yet - perhaps because of the taboo scenarios it evokes - has gotten outsized attention.

In the past decade, schools such as Yale, Duke, Ohio Wesleyan, and the College of William & Mary have enacted similar bans, some stricter, some more lenient.

The majority of universities may have no official policy at all, but more are moving from vague statements "discouraging" faculty-student relationships to specific bans."I always say the real story is, what took us so long?

"When I started teaching in 1968, I would walk across campus with a female student with no one else around, maybe have a cup of coffee," he says. There's been a huge change in terms of the degree of impersonality."But for those favoring the bans, the biggest issue is the power dynamic.

There are also articles about best practices to use with kids and teens with specific mental and physical needs.

All day long, teachers work to connect with students of all kinds of backgrounds, intellectual levels and work ethics. Date a teacher, and you won’t have to stress about the inevitable meet-the-parents dinner. Teachers adapt quickly, whether it’s welcoming new students or embracing new curriculum.

They meet with them a lot, and know how to put people at ease. Teachers can explain the same thing in a variety of ways until a point is made effectively, making sure that miscommunication doesn’t hurt the relationship.

And it's a question that more and more universities are wrestling with.

The University of California's decision is unusual in its scope - it affects an entire system - but it's hardly leading the pack.