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Then one day, he walked into the family's kitchen, shut the door and refused to leave.

Families adjust Since then, he hasn't left the room or allowed anyone in.

The toilet is adjacent to the kitchen, but he only baths once every six months.

Yoshiko showed me pictures of her son before his retreat into isolation; he was a plump, cheerful young teenager, with no symptoms of mental illness.

Claim: According to Rocket News 24, Miura Tetsuo is one of the eight executives arrested over the scam that are believed to have enriched the men to the tune of more than £34 million since they were set up in 2004In fact employees were even reportedly paid to continue conversations with the men via email and mobile messaging programmes in order to trick them into believing they were having some success and should continue to pay membership fees despite never actually meeting women.

And even if she’s not entirely comfortable carrying on a conversation for almost two hours, one presumes that, despite what Trump claims, she does at least know the word “hello.” In any case, who can blame her?The site, called DEAi BBS, was started in 2005 and boasted a user base of nearly 120,000 lonely Japanese singles — roughly 80% of whom weren’t actually real.Over 45 claims totaling 85,000,000 yen (5,000 US) in damages had been filed against the site before the arrests, and the site is said to have made over 2 billion yen (.7 million) during its seven years of operation.By investing that little bit more money in their scam and using real human beings to trick customers rather than automated emails, the fake dating sites were able to convince the victims that the messages were more than just worthless spam.published an interview with President Trump, during which they discussed the G20 summit dinner at which he has since been revealed to have had a long, private chat with Putin.One psychologist has described the condition as an "epidemic", which now claims more than a million sufferers in their late teens and twenties.