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This may simply mean walking back and forth as you memorize.If you’re a kinesthetic learner, this might be key for you. “Search ‘study music’,” says Marissa Hu, co-founder and CEO of Co-Ed Supply.

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So if you bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies while you’re studying, you might be able to recall all of those obscure details you learned earlier in the quarter. By using your hands to bounce a rubber ball while you’re learning or string a yo-yo up and down, you may remember facts better.

“I would make a [pros and cons] chart, and whichever side had the least [is] the side I would …

fight for.” If you have to write a paper for your final exam, picking a controversial subject, or even choosing the side of a subject that you don’t completely agree with, can be key in helping you create a good paper.

“It's often said that one of the best ways to learn is to teach,” explains Simon Tam, an author, speaker and nonprofit leader.

“So when I was going through my MBA program, I decided to spend my extra time adapting and teaching the material to others.” If you don’t naturally enjoy teaching, this tip might sound intimidating at first. “Teaching someone” might be as informal as repeating all the different types of cells in the human body for your biology test to your sister as you drive to Mc Donalds.