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People who live in a country that issues a reserve currency can purchase imports and borrow across borders more cheaply than people in other nations because they don't need to exchange their currency to do so.
Thus, as the Internet is revolutionizing mass communications for virtually every facet of society, and is becoming a world-wide gathering place for the global community...

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Based on the popular, Eisner award-winning comics and graphic novels crea... ]limited series centering on Amos Searl, a civilian psychiatrist new to his practice at an Armed Forces medical center that specializes in treating amputees and burn victims, critically wounded veterans just returned from America's recent wars[what's it about? ](from TBS's press release) Stand-up comedian and actor Larry Miller provides a unique take on suburbia as he plays a dad, husband and newspaper columnist with two kids.](from Syfy's press release, September 2010) Music superstar Billy Ray Cyrus signs with Syfy and NBC's Peacock Productions for development on a weekly reality series, UFO: Unbelievably Freakin' Obvious, in which Cyrus and his 21-year-old son, Trace, i... ](from Syfy's press release, April 2013) Unbreakable -- Based on The Death Race, an extreme endurance race held annually in Vermont, Unbreakable sets to test competitors' inner resolve to persevere through mental and physical extremes. Miller and Eileen Conn (Just Shoot Me) co-wrote the series and serve as executive... ](from A&E's press release) A young thug turns his life around by joining the witness protection program after turning state's evidence against his mob bosses. ]drama about a justice-seeking investigative journalism team that produces an award-winning true-crime series that investigates unsolved major crimes through the eyes of those who are closest to the victims - and who also are the prime suspects[what's it about?] · Bobby Farrelly as EP · Chris Pappas as CRTR/EP · Darryl Taja as EP · Jason Felts as EP · Justin Berfield as EP · Kevin Barnett as CRTR/EP · Michael Forman as EP · Mike Bernier as CRTR/EP · Peter Farrelly as EP/DIR (Pilot) [what's it about?]single-camera comedy based on the life of former NBA all-star Baron Davis about a kid from South Central who receives a scholarship to attend a prestigious suburban school and has to find a balance between these two very different worlds[what's it about?]small screen incarnation of the film franchise, which would follow Marcus Burnett's (Martin Lawrence) sister Syd Burnett (Gabrielle Union), last seen in Miami taking down a drug cartel, now is an LAPD detective and can pursue all the pleasures Los An... ]drama revolves around a program developed by the n.y.p.d.after 9/11, in which more than 70 detectives are sent to different cities around the globe to act as an early warning system against any kind of threats directed at the city[who's making it?Viewers will come to expect the unexpected as they are surprised... ](from A&E's press release, May 2014) "The Unproduceables" will follow the behind-the-scenes trials and tribulations of producer Mark Efman as he works with a cast of senior citizens in an attempt to create a reality series focusing on the intertwined... ] · Aiden Potter as Dylan (Originally Cast) · Greg Germann as Griffin · Horatio Sanz as Jonathan · Mary Mc Cormack as Hilary Pfeiffer-Dunne · Mo Gaffney as Robin · Sabrina Carpenter as Harper · Zachary Gordon as Dylan [what's it about? ](from Sundance TV's press release, July 2017) CBC and Sundance TV have greenlit a new eight-part drama miniseries "Unspeakable," focused on the tainted blood scandal in Canada in the early 1980s. ](from TLC's press release, March 2015) In each self-contained hour we'll follow an obese person on the transformation journey of a lifetime.](from ABC's press release, March 2012) Hilary Pfeiffer-Dunne (Mary Mc Cormack) is a high-powered, overachieving corporate executive, known for being a hard-working, highly valued model of efficiency. Their journey starts with a declaration: they will go to the object of their affection, declare their romanti... ] · Adam Carolla as CRTR/EP · Daniel Kellison as EP · Gail Berman as EP · James Dixon as EP · Jimmy Kimmel as EP · Jon Pollack as CRTR/EP · Kevin Hench as CRTR/EP · Lloyd Braun as EP · Michael Spiller as DIR (Pilot) [what's it about?

]single-camera comedy about a book smart Boston Southie who has never fit in with her blue-collar, Irish Catholic family; she finds an unlikely family in a group of misfits at the university research lab that she's been assigned to[what's it about?

]comedy which explores what happens when a woman who moves abroad to escape her overbearing family and the responsibility of the family business returns home with her Dutch boyfriend; he is a renaissance man whose blunt, outsider perspective might be ... ]single-camera comedy about a has-been sibling singing group from the '80s, who now make ends meet by doing what no musician wants to do - writing jingles and performing their old hits at parties[what's it about? senator who withdraws from office in the wake of a life-changing crisis to join his brother's private investigation law firm, unearthing the truth in high-profile and top-secret cases, wherever that truth may lead[what's it about?

]drama which centers on an explosive, rule-breaking, fearless female detective with no filter who enlists the help of a polite and gentle brainiac who studies the biology of evil to solve cases for the LA Violent Crimes Unit[what's it about? ]single-camera comedy about a high-strung father (Hornsby) must deal with a new family dynamic when his ex-wife marries a younger, free-spirited dude (Anderson) who becomes the stepdad to his children[what's it about? ]drama about Keira Burke, a young, Boston-area cop, gravely wounded in the line of duty; six years later, she's returned to the force as a police psychologist and now finds herself embedded in the same precinct she left[what's it about?

Each project has its own DEVWATCH page where you can see all the news, dvds, listings, etc. There you can also add it to your MYFUTON page for easy tracking.

Instructions: Use the filter options to the right to narrow your search. ](from Oxygen's press release, June 2015) In this innovative new competition series, ten couples will compete in large-scale challenges - ranging from the physical to the mental - to win wagered money.