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A distribution is treated as one made in complete liquidation of a corporation if it is one in a series of distributions in redemption of all the stock of the corporation pursuant to a plan of liquidation (Sec.As a result, all the distributions necessary to effect a complete liquidation of a corporation do not have to take place on the same date or even in the same year.All was great for the first year or so, but we got indications from our bookkeeper that DEF, fuel and maintenance were much higher than we had expected.800k is not unheard of in the hands of private owners.80-177 raises the issue of the constructive receipt of assets by shareholders when a corporation adopts a plan of liquidation and the shareholders are entitled to a liquidation distribution at any time after a certain date.Therefore, taxpayers should consider making the final distribution before 2013.

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But if the amount of the receivable that the shareholder ultimately collects differs from the amount that the corporation distributed, the shareholder recognizes gain or loss for the differences in the amounts reported and collected.

I really wish they could get a handle on the corrosion that kills these vans in salty areas. I’m also here to chime in on the myriad issues with the Sprinter.

These vans are very efficient cargo haulers, though you didn’t see them every day back in 2005. I agree with Duaney, dumping the Ram Van in favor of the Sprinter was a huge mistake.

For taxpayers in the 10% or 15% ordinary tax brackets, there is no tax on most long-term capital gains and dividends realized after 2009 and before 2013.

Caution: Shareholders may want to evaluate the sale or disposal of stock by the end of 2012 to take advantage of the 15% dividend tax rate, lower individual income tax rates, and lower capital gain tax rates set to expire on Dec.