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Onvalidatingpassword args not working

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For example this code gives an error message: Either powershell_ise nor Comskip won't start. Thanks, but that paper only explains how to run powershell scripts or Wscript.No files are being passed to the winshell command prompt area (where you type the text) like expected. Shell with arguments and not how to execute Run commands from AHK scripts with arguments and make powershell accept it.Not working if using Powershell ISE though, which is supposed to be a host application for Windows Power Shell.Only difference should be the ISE supports unicode and uses a Windows-based graphic user interface. This is very annoying, cuz my earlier solution does not work, cuz the comskip step has to be executed as Run Wait and when finished continuing with rest of the AHK script.If you wanna try finding a better solution Comskip is free ware and perhaps there's some mediafile lying around on the PC.I suspect this issue is going to be quite a big deal when folks can't run command line apps with arguments and passing filenames in a good way when using powershell ISE, which is the only choice for Windows users if needing unicode support.Civility Caucus In Congress Turns To Facebook To Boost Membership In the midst of a heated election season and record-low approval numbers for Congress, an under-the-radar congressional caucus focused on changing ...For what it's worth, I understand the confusion - it would probably be clearer if the method had been named Do use a protected virtual method to raise each event.

Link to sourcecode Daniel Hi ericguo, Can you upload the code as a Code LIbrary, and describe in the body of the page how it is used and put the sample?

Passing the same line (via Run) from the AHK script to Powershell ISE goes bad forsome unknown reason.

It is like there's some permission limitations blocking the handshake between the two.

Starting comskip manually with powershell_ise isnt any problem (typing in everything), but starting it with AHK script seems harder.

I can't even get it started through script without the unicode characters.