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I’ll give you two examples from when I was an intermediate.
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Not on good terms with BB, the only member on friendly terms with BB is Heechul, so don’t expect any interaction between these two groups.

In honor of Maknae Kyuhyun’s Birthday I have made this Guide/Appreciation post talking about Kyuhyun and the things I love about him.

A few days ago, we stayed up till the break of dawn just talking. When I come home really late, everyone else is sleeping, but I hear “YESSIR, YESSIR! KH: I was in the middle of a really important game!!!! v=9-v Nn Npfvd I Kyuhyun His Hyungs and Dongsaeng analysis section I have seen people who seem to think that some of Kyuhyun’s hyungs don’t really care for him or like him So I want to include this segment where I talk about what kind of relationship i think he has with his hyungs.

At that time, it just felt like we were friends [not co-workers].” — Yesung KI: So Kyuhyun, I hear you have a new hobby…KH: *giggles* Yeah, I’ve been studying a foreign language in our dorm. ” *gun noises* and I go to Kyuhyun and I’m like, “Oh, you weren’t sleeping? And Kangin came in and was like, “What are you doing not even looking at me!? Leeteuk The Oldest and the Youngest do I think these two are incredibly close no but I do think they genuinely care for each other and respect each other.

She told me some of daughter’s from government official asked him out on a date. Kangin is done with the idol lifestyle he wants out, ki bum will never return to the group as he got into a physical fight with a member.

She also told me that Ki Bum had a huge fight with one of the member (physically) and that’s why Ki Bum will never ever going back to Suju. Eunhae is not real, they love women, Eunhyuk has dated uee from AS and G. Jealousy and attention for the spotlight runs deep within the group.

He’s my closest friend and has a really good voice.” — Shim Changmin“I learn a lot from Kyuhyun. The little boy always cared for his family′s safety.” — Kyuhyun’s Father His Voice I really love how Changmin described Kyu’s voice so I will quote him It’s like carbonara, caramel macchiato and cheesecake.So a little bit of Kyu history to those who are still new to Super Junior or a new Kyu Fan Name: Cho Kyuhyun Date of Birth: Feb. 1988 -Pre Debut-Kyuhyun was born in Nowon a District in Seoul. Kyhyun originally was urged to study law and become a lawyer however in high school Kyuhyun joined a band and became more interested in Singing and Music.His father strongly opposed his dreams of singing but allowed him to pursue his dreams if he did well on his college entrance exams and was accepted to university.It was a confusing and frustrating time in my life and I had severed contact with my progamer company. Kyuhyun calls me when there’s good news in his life.Kyuhyun brought his friends to Deokso and cheered me on. When he became an MC on Radio Star or when he’s releasing a new album, he would tell me about it first.If Kyuhyun doesn’t have any promotion overseas, we meet once or twice a month.