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As a rule of thumb, once you have used a given letter to start a character’s name, you can’t use it again.

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We fight for a few more moments, then he says "Mom, I am not going to fuck you!

I just want have my cock inside you for a couple of minutes, then I will go to bed. " I calm down, then reply "Well, okay, but don't fuck me!

" I struggle to get out from underneath him, but he grabs my wrists again and prevents me from moving.

I love having his cock inside me, but this is not the proper place and time for us to be fucking!

Oh shit, he is going to open his eyes and see Tommy on top of me with his big cock buried all the way inside my pussy!

I panic and begin to push Tommy off me, but he puts his hand over my mouth and holds me still.

" My son immediately pulls his cock out of me, gets off the bed and stands up.Now, go ahead and push the rest of it inside me, but don't even think of fucking me!" I raise up on my elbows and watch as my sons cock slowly disappears into my pussy. I am laying in bed reading a magazine while my husband sleeps next to me.I hear him come in the house, take a shower, then it is quiet.I lay back on the pillow, then Tommy leans over me and supports himself on his elbows while we tongue kiss each other.