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I’m not even dealing with the worst of it either due to working odd hours, so I’m able to commute without enduring LI’s infamous rush hour traffic.

Rush hour here is a whole ‘nother fresh set of hell that only drivers in Los Angeles could begin to understand.

It wasn’t just my mother and me who noticed the peculiar behavior of the natives.

Anyone I spoke to that was from out of town made the same observations: “Man, people are crazy here.

while her father filmed the whole thing from the front seat.

Must be something in the water.” It didn’t matter where they came from either.

I’ve met foreign exchange students, people from Europe, people from out of state, even people from nearby Manhattan, and their reactions were nearly always the same. One of the things that clued me in to why Long Island natives were such a mentally unstable, psychotic bunch was a little factoid I learned back when I was taking Psychology 101 in college. Over time I had to learn not to take the natives’ rude and unstable attitudes personally, but it was one of the reasons my introverted personality became even more introverted as I grew up.

This craziness also spills over into the roads too.

The irrational and inconsistent behavior of the motorists has led me to endlessly deal with traffic split up between drivers who like to go 40MPH (usually in the left lane) and those who like to go 80MPH, with nothing in between.