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He was an honourable person whereas you are anything but. Keep listening to the same media that you disown in so many of your postings.They are the ones who tell you that the world is anti-American; they are the ones who tell you that you have the world on your side. You: I would think a patriot such as yourself would be disgusted that free speech, in this case, was vitiated in such a manner as to make a mockery of academic freedom and basic rights of free expression. One should support one's government if one deems it worthy of support; not simply because it is one's government. On the other hand, I support current US foreign policy. Now, why would you be thankful that your world famous email--no less than a modern day J'Accuse! I am grateful to the New York Times for publishing this letter on Abu Ghraib.In a sense it was the ultimate achievement of demonstrating that I will not be silenced nor intimidated by anyone. " My family was quite liberal for the time and voluble about politics. "Did you ever dream that a rather simple act of an e-mail would cause such a ruckus in a nation deeply divided over ideology?Professors should be lauded who maintain thier commitment to principles despite enormous pressure to render a recantation. Your post sounds just as vituperative as my e-mail.University administrators should validate nonconformity and passion that emanates from moral acts of conscience. If you want peace, reduce armaments, stop lying to the American people about WMD, end the arms race, reduce the militarisation of American society. Emerson wrote, "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds" but I think it somewhat inconsistent for you to disagree with my tone of communication and yet adopt it for yourself. I need to show the public that those of us who denounce American imperialism and war will not tolerate the persecution of their beliefs or egregious suspensions intended to satisfy the ravings of public opinion. I would defend YOUR right to attack me and denounce me. The anger against me was due to my beliefs sir, not my lashing out at the cadet.Coming from a proud ex-pat, I can tell you that the world doesn’t need people like you. The only flag I own is the one given to me by the honor guard at my father's funeral. You: The only reason why my email, which I am now thankful was written, became a worldwide event was due to the political rage that I expressed toward the militarization and glorification of war and the destruction of innocents. the email heard round the world--If you aren't aware that all your letter might have achieved is to have alienated mainstream Americans (i.e., swing voters) then you are aware of nothing at all. You: The military has an almost sacred, special status in our society, and if it is allowed to retain that without moral or ethical challenge, then we merely lose another weapon in the struggle to end the ruthless violence that this nation perpetrates on "non-white peoples" throughout the world.

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Your ideological posture wants to purge those of us that oppose racism, imperialism, obscene militarism and a transformation of this violent nation into silence.

I am quite sure you do support those whom I consider protagonists which is why this country is worth fighting for in the realm of ideas and justice. Your ideological posture wants to purge those of us that oppose racism, imperialism, obscene militarism and a transformation of this violent nation into silence.

I think we have strayed from the original thoughts that started this "self promotion" escapade in the first place.

Nobody cares if you criticize the government or foreign policy or even the leaders.