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After the first of the year, we do Lake of the Ozarks pub crawls and jump into all the bachelorette parties from the holiday engagements.What do you believe is the key to success in the transportation industry?How does Enviteme Events maintain high standards of quality and customer service? If we hear of a concern, we work to resolve the issue immediately.For example: during the hottest summer months, we had a wedding party comment that the air conditioning wasn’t cold.And interact we did, with scientists sitting across artists for staccato four-minute bursts of discussion before moving onto the next.My first date was Jeremy Pickard, founder of Superhero Clubhouse.We would rather the group have fun and get home safely, instead of getting a DWI or an accident.I also continue to work a full-time position, so my livelihood doesn’t depend on our transportation business. During our events, people would say while leaving: “That was awesome!

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