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Updating procedures in pl sql

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*Action: Ensure that the offending DML operation is not performed or use an autonomous transaction to perform the DML operation within the query or PDML slave. If I want to use 'function' istead of procedure , would it be okay to replace the procedure word with function and all other lines would be the same?

more about function is here tutorialspoint.com/plsql/plsql_Please advice instead.

updating procedures in pl sql-74

can you please update the code to match what I want?

dual; -- Here is the procedures used to UPDATE the CURSOR above: Procedure upd_errmsg1 ( errcode number, text varchar2); END; Using the declared SQL-functions.

Contents: 1 General about PL/SQL SQL is a set oriented language and has very limited procedural capabilities even if a lot of tasks may be and should be solved using pure SQL.

I also haven't done any validation or exception handling in the procedure, so the caller needs to do both.

You make this a function that returns the old value instead of using an OUT parameter, but you'd need to call it in a similar way, and generally people don't expect functions to change anything - just to return the current state.