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"I think Amy could not get over the fact that Blake and I had had our son Jack.

I think it hit her pretty hard." Amy Winehouse's Ex-Husband: "I Watched Her Die In My Arms"Add Amy's recent breakup with Reg to that emotional turmoil, and it seems reasonable that the singer may have been in a sad, dark place in the weeks leading up to her death."Being loved by a man and being in a committed relationship was clearly very important to Amy.

How in particular do you feel Asif Kapadia mischaracterized Amy?

I feel that she was mischaracterized in many ways but generally I feel that Asif wanted the documentary to follow a familiar, seen-before-and-expected narrative — that of the type of rise-success-shambolic fall — and so in order to make that narrative fit with Amy’s life he had to censor and in some instances completely omit parts of her life, relationships, and even her character.

This was not the case at all in real life and in my opinion is a slur upon her.

It was clear that Asif had specifically chosen a moment of footage which would give this negative impression — to support his narrative — instead of using any of the rest of the footage which would have showed the reality of the session and of Amy as a great artist alongside another great artist.

And although officials are more likely to find drugs than an excess of heart-ache when they finish Amy's autopsy, it's possible that Amy's love addiction and failed relationships could have played a significant role in her death as well.

The sheer existence, let alone inclusion in the documentary, of these key areas of Amy’s life completely contradict the narrative he wanted to craft, and so he whitewashed anything which opposed his story, and in doing so he mischaracterized Amy as consequence.

I can speak with certainty of what became the last two years of Amy’s life, and the way in which the footage of her has been edited in the documentary is just not how or who she was.

Still, according to Blake's fiance, Sarah Aspin, whom he met and had a son with after breaking up with the singer, the couple always loved each other."She always loved him and he always loved her — but it was just never going to work.""Basically they couldn't live with each other and they could not live without each other.

It is hard for me knowing he still loved her, but I do understand his feelings," said Sarah to the newspaper.