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Winstone is an everyman actor, in that he'll throw his weight behind a massive big screen production, made on either side of the Atlantic with weightier production values, or something more small scale like this made for TV three part drama.

He's become one of our prized national exports, and one I'm fond of out of the British set, with a certain dramatic intensity that sets him apart from many others, although his belting rendition of ' That's Life' at the opening suggests he's aiming towards a singing career, which I'm not so sure about.

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Taking a well worn story, that follows all the genre clichés to a tee, and doesn't meander much into anything that could be described as new territory, this really is little more than distracting, going through the motions towards a pretty standard finale.Each profile was gleaned from the person's Astrological natal chart and Astro Profile.Astro Profile is our professional, yet jargon-free, astrological report that takes into account many celestial aspects that most other reports on the market disregard.STAR RATING: ***** Saturday Night **** Friday Night *** Friday Morning ** Sunday Night * Monday Morning After twelve years inside for armed robbery, former criminal Jimmy Rose (Ray Winstone) is released from prison, and returns home determined to start a new life with his family.But they've hardly stood still in his absence, and re-adjusting his absent presence to their life is going to be hard, especially with ex wife Jackie (Amanda Redman) who's hardly been faithful.Children of the Eighties, of which Nicholls is one, will likely recall Billy Bragg singing: “The Polaroids that hold us together/Will surely fade away/Like the love that we spoke of for ever/On St Swithin’s Day.” Emma is played by Anne Hathaway (Becoming Jane, Brokeback Mountain), an actress who is, as many people have pointed out, An American.