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Hay días en los que se estaciona en los paraderos del barrio Bellavista para ayudar a todo peatón perdido; esto lo llevó a ser conocido como el HOMBRE-MAPA , lo que llamó la atención del diario “Las Ultimas Noticias”, el cual le hizo una entrevista completa sobre el Transantiago, regogiendo sus opiniones con respecto a éste.

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And if you get off course…it could INSTANTLY turn her off.

“Women love to feel the desire of a man they’re into. Grab her hair – gently – and run your hands through it as your lips lock.

And when dinners over, pick her up over your shoulder, carry her into the bedroom, and toss her onto the bed.

A little spank won’t hurt along the way.” – Christian Hudson, The Social Man #9 Start Flirting At 9am.

Here are 10 Ways To Get Her In The Mood whether you are dating, simply seducing or in a long-term relationship. I met him at a club, we went back to our hostel and started making out. If I do anything that makes you nervous or uncomfortable, just slap my hand and I will stop immediately.” I can tell you there was no hand slapping that night and I quickly got rid of my childhood nickname. It drives me wild when a man tells me exactly what he wants to do to me. Be a man, say exactly what you want, and you’ll get to beat around the bush, but in a very different way 😉 #4 Pay Her A REAL Compliment, Not An Exaggerated One.

Give a woman a REAL compliment about her inner core rather than her exterior.